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Brewed for comfort.

Ounced started when we met over coffee in a cool cafe in Singapore. The coffee was great and the conversations were better. It was a simple cup of coffee that set the pattern for many good things to come.

We use 100% Arabica beans that have a high cupping score → almost auction grade quality.
We work with accredited roasters by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to select sustainable farms. We only work with farms that has history of producing consistent harvests measured by cupping score.
High quality coffee beans at friendly prices - the most flavour per dollar coffee in the market.

What People Are Saying

Pleasant, bright fruity smell with tint of floral.

"Very fast delivery. Nice packaging. Pleasant, bright fruited smell with tint of floral. Acidity slightly on the high side which is characteristic of Ethiopian coffee. Light bodied. I think best not to add milk or even sugar and it goes well with cakes and pastries!"


It was very fragrant with a hint of blueberry.

"First time trying this coffee. It was very fragrant with a hint of blueberry. Definitely a good mid day (or even morning) perk me up. Treats like this add delight especially in this WFH situation. Thank you ! 😊"


Great for an afternoon perk me up.
"This was such a delight! Enjoyment starts from the moment when I open the packet and take in the aroma of the grinded coffee to the very last drop. As it accurately describes, Luca is light and fruity - great for an afternoon perk me up."


Perfect refreshing morning start.

"Served hot without sugar and you get a nice aromatic cup that perks up your day, flavoursome with the sweetness of berries and not overpowering. It's humid these days, so top it up with ice and you get a perfect refreshing morning start with a nice cold bright and fruity that is light on the palate."


Speedy delivery (within 2 days)

"More importantly, the coffee tastes really really good - quite beyond my expectations. Surprisingly fruity. I do recommend this."


This is super easy to use and beautifully packaged.
"Just open the individually-packaged coffee bag, tear the filter bag to open it, and let the water drip through to the cup. Coffee itself is pretty light, it's great as a black coffee; have also added quite a bit of vegan milk to the coffee (I used less water then) and it's good too.."


Not just a coffee subscription.

Our subscription is the an affordable way to get your coffee supply seamlessly.

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Coffee for wholesale.

You’re too busy to worry about keeping the pantry stocked. We understand. We want you to focus on what you do best, while we do the same. And for us, that’s delivering great coffee that connects people.

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