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How to brew coffee with Ounced Drip bags

by Jude Koh on Jun 29, 2021

How to brew coffee with Ounced Drip bags

Your easy, 3-step drip bag brew guide (plus our favourite coffee hacks)


Every cup of coffee you drink deserves to be a good one. And at Ounced, we believe that brewing good coffee should be easy. Here’s our 3-step guide to making a great cuppa at home, no thermometer or fancy equipment necessary. You can use any drip bag coffee you prefer — in this guide, we’ll be using our Luca coffee drip bag, a medium-light Ethiopian roast with deliciously bright, fruity blueberry notes. 

Step 1: Hook the coffee drip bags

Open a drip bag and hook it onto your cup. Gently shake the drip bag, allowing the coffee to settle evenly. 


Step 2: Boil the water


Bring some water to a boil before taking it off the heat and letting it sit for 30-60 seconds. This is a simple trick to get an optimum brewing temperature, even without a thermometer. 


Ounced tip:

Luca is a medium-light roast with bright, fruity notes. For a fruitier coffee, use water that’s cooled down a bit. If you prefer more bitter notes, use hotter water. It’s okay to use water that’s directly off the boil. Either way, it’ll taste great!

Step 3: Pour the water

The pour is the most important part of the brewing process, and requires a few rounds. Don’t worry, it’s much easier than it sounds.

First pour:

Slowly pour in your water until it fills ¾ of the drip bag and bubbles appear on top.


Ounced tip:

You can extract even more flavours by stirring the coffee grounds gently with a small spoon after the pour. Coffee god James Hoffmann loves this hack too.


Second pour:

Once most of the water has dripped down and coffee grounds are visible, pour in more water to the same ¾ mark. At this point, you should have around 130-140ml of coffee — almost half a cup. If you love strong coffee, you can stop here at the second pour.

Third pour:

If thinner coffee’s more your thing, continue with a third pour.

Ounced tip:

Do a taste test after your second pour, and if it’s too strong, then go ahead with the third pour. You can also add water directly, Americano-style.


That’s it, all that’s left to do is remove the drip bag and enjoy. Throw out the drip bag or use the grounds for compost — they’re great for our plants at Ounced HQ. Everyone’s different when it comes to coffee, and the above instructions are a standard guide for what most people prefer. The great thing about our Luca coffee drip bags is that you can easily adjust the flavours to your liking, without any special equipment. We hope you’ve found this drip coffee brew guide useful to enjoy the simple goodness of single-serve pour-overs at home.


Until next time,

Ounced Team

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