Goodness made simple.

We're a small name, on a grand pursuit: To source for some of life's greatest tastes and pleasures, and making it simple for everyone to enjoy.

But first, coffee. Our journey begins just like our days, with a good cup of coffee. And as you know, good things take time. After months of tasting and tweaking, with eager hearts, we're proud to offer our very first roast, Luca. An Ethiopian roast, it's bright and fruity, with a blueberry scent that lingers, long after the last drop. Each box is hand-packed with 10 easy-to-brew drip bags, so whether you're a seasoned coffee drinker or just a casual sipper, we know you'll fall in love with Luca with just like we did.

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First, we make it good.

We work with the best, to source, roast, grind and seal in the best, so you only sip the best.

Then we make it simple.
We strive to make it as easy as pie for anyone to brew and enjoy good coffee. Saying farewell to complex instructions, flowery jargon and fancy equipment, and hello to simpler pleasures.


Let's make something good.

We're always on the lookout for greater flavours. If you're a roaster, brewer or batchmaker longing to bring your flavours to life, let's get in touch.


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