Sharing meaningful moments with better coffee.

It's more than just coffee.

Ounced started when we met over coffee in a cool cafe in Singapore. The coffee was great and the conversations were better. It was a simple cup of coffee that set the pattern for many good things to come.

We made some of our best investment
decision thanks to an Ounced full of coffee.

Sharing meaningful moments with better coffee.

We have built many connections and friendships over coffee and good food. Some of our biggest challenges in life were solved over a cup of good coffee and open, honest conversations.

Coffee made just
right for you.

Made by coffee lovers

Fine flavoured and naturally decaffeinated coffees promotes energy, brain function and mood.

High quality beans

100% Arabica beans and expertly roasted in Singapore without ever sacrificing quality or flavour.

3 Minutes Prep

We believe getting coffee should be the easiest part of the day.

Only the finest, locally sourced produce.

As coffee lovers, we have tasted many cups of coffees in our search for great coffee. 

At Ounced, we work with smaller farms that are accredited roasters by Special Coffee Association for sustainability practices. We only work with farms that has history of producing consistent harvests measured by cupping score.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Our partnership with Ounced is akin to a friendship more than a business relationship. The support we receive from Ounced is key to successfully navigating the inevitable challenges thrown our way in the dynamic world of hospitality.

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